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October TREATS for the RAFFLE!

Stay tuned! The winner will be announced SOON! Sign up for the newsletter to win!

At Christopher’s……… You’re ALWAYS a winner!

AZ Bebe arrives TODAY!

Call to book this petite beauty NOW!

NEW from AZ, Bebe! Catch her while you can!

We have a new girl coming to New Orleans, her name is Bebe. She is visiting for a short time, so make her feel welcome (she might come back!)!

Check her photos in the gallery!

Peyton is BACK!

With new pics in the gallery! Call now to get acquainted, or RE-acquainted!

New PICS are up in the Gallery!

Kristin, Bonnie and Shawn ALL have new pics! Check them out!

Kristin has a smile and attitude that will make your worst day melt away!

Bonnie has cat-like moves that will make YOU purr!

Shawn with those KILLER curves, AMAZING!


New PICS coming soon!

The Cuties had some new photos taken and they will be up soon! So STAY TUNED!

Summer time SPECIALS!

All the girls can travel! Call for details!

Happy 4th from Christopher’s Cuties! ; )


New photos of Jojo, Shawnee, and Bebe!

Check the gallery to see these beautiful Cuties!

New to CC’s, Mindy!

Meet our newest Cutie Mindy! Read more about her and check out her pics in the gallery!